The Krukenberg surprise!

This is the beginning of a new journey!


Thank You

Hi! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jeff and I am Jane's brother-in-law. Jane was called home on May 4, 2018 at 6:05 AM. The past 2+ weeks have been busy and filled with both joy and sadness. Two separate services were held, one in each of Jane's hometowns: Calgary [...]

Almost 100 days

I’ve been in the Calgary health care system for almost 100 days now. 40 days at the hospital and the last 56 days at the hospice. I had a CT scan appointment on Monday morning. Please pray for my family as they are hoping for more answers as we wait for the results. It feels [...]

More nibbles

Happy Easter, everyone! He has risen indeed! In case you're wondering, the title has to do with my increase in appetite. I've been slowly eating more food lately like the French people. Smaller quantities of food, but more frequent meals. Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been rather confused about God's plan [...]

Some Highlights and Updates

Hello,  Vanessa here posting on behalf of our dearest friend, Jane.  Jane is doing well these days. The staff has worked with her to find what seems to be a pretty good balance of pain management and alertness, although she still needs a good amount of rest. She is enjoying time with her family community [...]

Time to recoup…

Hmmm I'm not sure if the recent events have made me confused of my situation! Today I woke up with some weird dreams but I imagine is normal. Well my dreams were mostly about breaking into a warehouse...not sure why?? I'm slowly eating more so that's a good thing. I'm also sleeping a bit more [...]

Wedding Day!

Hello Friends, This is Vanessa Roth, writing a post on Jane's behalf. It is with great pleasure and privilege that I get to announce Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lau! Through the efforts of the staff at the hospice, devoted family members and an amazing community, Jane was able to fly from Calgary to Vancouver on [...]